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The ‘Story of Hopepodcast series aims to engage listeners, specifically youth, in the multifaceted fundamentals of the issue of the missing and disappeared in order to offer support to the families, discourage recourse to violence, and work towards more sustainable peace in Lebanon. 

The podcast series consists of 5 episodes revolving around different aspects of the cause: the legal aspect, the historical aspect, Transgenerational Trauma and the needs of the families of the missing, and the role of the media and art.




In the context of Lebanese parliament passing Law 105 in 2018 on the Missing and Forcibly Disappeared, and then the establishment of the National Commission for the Missing and Forcibly Disappeared in 2020, between 2021 and 2022, Act for the Disappeared in collaboration with the Committee of the Families of the Kidnapped and Forcibly Disappeared in Lebanon and the support of the UNDP worked on the project “Story of Hope” to spread awareness in regions across Lebanon about the importance of dealing with the past and Law 105/2018 in preparation for the work for the Commission. A social media campaign was also developed to emphasize the relevance of the missing cause to our present and to society at large.

Between 2021 and 2022, The “Story of Hope” project toured different regions around Lebanon by conducting dialogue sessions in 18 different villages and 9 universities outside Beirut with the aim to raise awareness among the youth, local actors and the general population on the cause of the missing and disappeared in Lebanon, on Law 105 (2018), the National Commission for the Missing and Forcibly Disappeared and the importance of its role.

Solving the cause of the missing and disappeared lays a solid foundation for reconciliation and sustainable civil peace in Lebanon, hence the importance of the campaign.